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  • 标题: 2014.9.02: Innovation and Technology Strength: Solar Power

Innovation of science and technology power:

solar mobile power supply

Today's era is the rapid rise of science and technology s!We are very clear, even if again big capacity
mobile power supply, power has its exhausted, only has the natural energy is inexhaustible, inexhaustible!
Therefore, solar mobile power to introduce you to the following two paragraphs, it conforms to the national
policy of sustainable development, green, low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving at the
same time, it will become a social trend in the future!


mobile power M-034&M-039.jpg

Solar mobile power supply in terms of appearance also is concerned, the mobile solar power source with
a variety of bright colors, black, red, silver, blue and so on, the light absorption ability is extremely strong,
helps mobile power supply power quickly in the sun, and thus to provide a steady stream of power your
cell phone.This product adopts doubleUSBCurrent output, can charge for two mobile devices at the sa-m
e time, let you share with your friends anytime and anywhere, deepen friendship. The solar mobile power
supply products with more intelligent multiple circuit system, built-inCPUChip, using imported high polymer
lithium batteries, with protection covers modern science and technology, has the overcharge protection, di-
scharge protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, temperature pr-
otection, content protection, and other functions.Allows you to use this product for high security at the sam-
e time, with a more intelligent then follow one's inclinationsly.