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2014 sinoces product competition "demonstrated" smart new life

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"In 2014 May be a turning point of the global consumer electronics industry", this is the consumer electronics association at the beginning of this year for the global consumer electronics industry development situation of a, and the transition to a large extent embodied in product innovation.

At the annual meeting of the major exhibitions in this year, the global leading consumer electronics companies have exhibited their innovative consumer electronics products, and now the innovative product will be concentrated at the 13th China international consumer electronics fair (SINOCES).According to understand, by the national ministry of commerce, ministry of science and technology and shandong province people's government jointly organized, in collaboration with the ministry of industry and information technology of the 13th China international consumer electronics fair (SINOCES) on July 11-14 held in Qingdao international convention center, the wearable devices, smart home, 3 d printing, intelligent robot hot areas such as consumer electronics products will be collective appearance, analysts say the event will indicate the direction for the consumer electronics industry development trend.

Giant compete intelligent strategy

Into 2014, intelligent home appliances have usher in a new stage of development, leading companies such as samsung, apple, haier have released their own leading intelligent home appliances products, it also makes the whole consumer electronics industry has a upsurge intelligence development.

In march of this year, the domestic home appliance giant haier shows U + intelligent life operating system, and on this basis, introduced to all in the family home appliances, household, lighting intelligent terminal unified control of the intelligent control system of Smart Center (haier wisdom butler), first to rob wisdom family entrance.Recently, apple worldwide developers conference on HomeKit released a smart home platform, and cooperation with haier, honeywell and other enterprises to expand the smart home, this is interpreted as industry, further strengthen the signal of intelligent development strategy.

With the continuous upgrade of business intelligence strategy, the exhibition on display the advantage of innovative products, release of strategic information highlighted increasingly, these companies also showed great enthusiasm to participate in industry exhibition.News from 2014 sinoces organizing committee said that at present, haier, Canon, hisense, such as electronics giant will carry the latest intelligent products participate in the exhibition, fully opened for smart strategic rivalry.

On the SINOCES exhibition, haier will be fully show intelligent air conditioning, intelligent TV, smart fridge and other new family life wisdom, through the direct experience, let consumers enjoy the freshest ideas, the forefront of science and technology, the intelligent home appliance.Hisense will unveil the latest version of OLED TV on behalf of the volume of the next generation display technology, at the scene of the consumer can feel "high-definition image quality" display effect, to experience science and technology brings the most intelligent life.

2014 sinoces product competition "demonstrated" smart new life

2014 sinoces product competition "demonstrated" smart new life

2014 sinoces product competition "demonstrated" smart new life

"Wearable ChengLiang point.

From the Google glasses, smart to watch was born in the exhibition on display at the meeting all kinds of intelligent diagnosis of terminal, wearable devices has become the hottest "darling" in the circle of science and technology.In order to speed up the marketization of wearable device, convenient for ordinary users can experience the wearable devices bring the wisdom of life, SINOCES 2014 opened a "mobile and wearable equipment exhibition, Google glasses, intelligent health, smart watches, bracelets, smart cane thoughts cat ears, and other popular products will appear on the consumer can experience the" talent "dressing technology of fun.

2014 sinoces product competition "demonstrated" smart new life

For Google glasses, believes everyone not unfamiliar, the pioneer as a wearable device, it has been leading the industry trend of innovation.Google glasses brings together a variety of functions such as navigation, camera, bluetooth headset, can display real-time information, as long as a wink can upload photos, query operations such as roads, now has become a fashionable personage first choose match at home and abroad.

If Google glasses are the local tyrants, "tall", van, the idea of the main civilian van cat ears are more let the consumer.Cat cat ears secret thought is a sensible when the idea of emotional cat ears, it is to use NeuroSky (spirit force of science and technology) technology developed in the brain wave, can reflect the wearer's mood, and make corresponding with the human emotional ups and downs said action, its powerful cardiac function in "read" by the young gens of the heat.

Rob to see "the most familiar stranger" - a robot

According to the international union of robot research, global personal robots in 2004, about 2004, 2008, about 2008 robot in operation, and by 2020, intelligent robot, the ownership will be more than 15 million units, industrial scale will reach $1.5 trillion, we it is not hard to see from this series of data, intelligent robot has quickly into our daily life.

In comprehensive SINOCES 2014, on the basis of the former excellent resources, continue to open intelligent robot and 3 d printing exhibition, held in 2014 in shandong international robot exhibition.The intelligent robot exhibition will introduce intelligent education robot, industrial robot, the space robot features galleries, at the appointed time, dance contest robot, robot, intelligent robot, such as sweeping robot will.

Moreover, with the oscar-winning film "gravity", people's curiosity to space exploration continues to increase, the space robot exhibition vividly to the audience decrypt secret space, through the detailed to show the universe "all of it", for people to present a new world of unknown space.

According to understand, 2014 sinoces also planning the third China consumer electronics industry e-commerce peak BBS, 2014 international conference on intelligent city in shandong, China mobile Internet applications such as more than industry development trend of the professional BBS is discussed in this paper.At the appointed time, the ministry of commerce, ministry of industry and other departments, various cities in shandong province related leaders, the latest trends and industry experts will delve into industry dynamics, industry developing proiect.

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